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Master Hunter Products

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Master Hunter: The Game is Perfect for Deer Camp

Review by John Geiger in the March 2009 edition of Rocky Mountain Game and Fish magazine, in the "Gearing Up" column. Reprinted with permission.

Hunters who sit down to play this new board game will realize right away that it will be a fun time if the game's questions are well written.

Fortunately, the questions are challenging and there are lots of them.

Master Hunter: The Game compels even master hunters to roll the dice again and again.

Here are a few examples:

  • What is the "ballistic coefficient" of a bullet?
  • What is an Imperial Bull?
  • Which critter is recognized as North America's smallest hoofed big game animal?
  • Tom Rodgers founded which wildlife organization in 1973?

In addition to developing board games, creator Dan Lamoreux of Jackson, Wyo., is a hunter and an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer. He took time to make sure the game would meet the approval of the most hardcore North American sportsmen.

In the game, hunters travel around the country in search of trophy game animals and fill their tags through a combination of strategy, knowledge and good old-fashioned luck.

The player who collects the right trophies and proves his mettle will earn the title Master Hunter.

For more information, contact Master Hunter Products, P.O. Box 6840, Jackson, WY 83002, or visit

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